Cadeaux Christmas Interior Decorating
As seen on D-mag

Our Story

Our intrepid aviator is on a journey to see Santa at the North Pole!

Starting his journey from Dallas Love Field, he flies his airplane to some unusual destinations to see their Christmas decorations. First, he lands in Ukraine, where many of the blown glass baubles in these trees were made. That’s right, these beautiful ornaments were made in Ukraine even during that countries difficult recent years. 

Next he flies his plane north to one of the most unusual places we get our ornaments: Finland. Here he finds a family company making some of the world’s best shatterproof ornaments. So pretty.

Finally, making one mad dash north, he reaches his destination: the North Pole, home of Santa’s workshop. There he asks Santa for the one and only thing he really, really wants for Christmas: a trip to Hawaii, where it’s warm.

About the Look

We wanted a fun, playful theme for this Love Field exhibit and The North Pole seemed like a good choice.

This look is all about the color palette. Christmas trees don’t have to be red and green. This tree uses a soothing combination of blues paired with complimentary orange to make a surprisingly pleasing combo.

We dotted the tree with fun ornaments showing cocoa mugs, gingerbread houses and other treats. Can you spot Santa in his snowmobile?

Sometimes you have to decorate small spaces, and this glass exhibit case is the tiniest space we’ve tackled. It was hard finding trees that fit the display cases, so we ended up using a simple bottlebrush tree.  We’re happy with the result and it shows that you can dress up even an inexpensive tree to look amazing.  

The aviator nutcracker is something special.  It’s handcraved wood from Steinbach, a german family that has been making nutcrackers for over 200 years.  Steinbach nutcrackers are considered the best in the world.  In recent years, woodcarvers have started producing specialty nutcrackers for different professions and hobbies.  There are chef nutcrackers, doctor nutcrackers, golfer nutcrackers, just about anything. We thought it would be fun to have an aviator nutcracker for Love Field.  Enjoy!