European Christmas Magic

A chef can’t make a gourmet meal without using great ingredients. Likewise, you can’t make a designer Christmas tree without using the finest, handmade glass Christmas ornaments.  

Unfortunately, hand-made and mouth-blown glass Christmas ornaments are a vanishing tradition.  The European artisans who make these ornaments are under increasing pressure from cheaper, plastic alternatives made in Asia.  This threatens family-run businesses whose ornament-making tradition stretches back for generations.  In the US, cheap ornaments have largely pushed traditional vendors out of the market, making it hard to find quality decor.

We’ve searched Europe for the finest Christmas ornament makers who still follow the old traditions, making blown glass ornaments and painting them by hand. Each ornament has a silver coating that gives it a magical brilliance. We buy our decor from over 29 companies in 11 countries, and we’ve built the largest inventory of Christmas European ornaments in the United States.  

We import our decor to the US ourselves. Import is a challenge, especially in today’s environment. But it’s the only way to bring the best to your family.  

European Christmas ornaments have style, quality and provenance.  In choosing them, you help keep a tradition alive.

About Us

Delia is a certified interior decorator and C.I.D. member.  A native of Romania, she grew up experiencing the best of European Christmas.  

A Dallas resident for the last 25 years and a graduate of UT Southwestern, she had a successful career as a bioengineer (she holds four patents) before discovering her natural talent as an interior designer.  

Over the years Delia struggled to find Christmas decor that matched what she knew was available in Europe.  Why is it so hard to find quality on the American market?  Seeing an opportunity to serve the luxury market, she took the plunge and began sourcing and importing decor herself.  

Each year she and her husband travel Europe seeking new artisans, exploring Christmas markets and attending magical events (like Denmark’s World Santa Congress).

Her favorite part? “When I tell people what I do, their faces light up. Everybody loves Christmas!”