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Color Scheme

A Look that’s bold and elegant, this tree will be the star of your holiday season.  With a striking combination of emerald, teal, champagne and bronze ornaments, this look is unique and sophisticated.  Made with blown glass European Heritage ornaments, it features ornaments from one of the world’s oldest ornament makers.  Your tree comes with a Provenance Certificate certifying its quality.

This Look works well on either a green or white tree, taking on a different character in each tree.

It pairs especially well with our 24K Gold Ornament upgrade for an added touch of luxury.  These ornaments are pure elegance and really sparkle in the daytime or glow at night.  

Standard installed tree includes

  • Full 8-12 ft. tree with natural decorations (cones, and/or berries), warm white LEDs and pole raiser.
  • 200-450 ornaments: glass European handcrafted ornaments, decorative handmade hanging ornaments, tree garlands, and a tree topper.
  • Tree skirt.
  • European plastic bins for long-term storage and gift boxes.
  • Ornament hanging supplies (ribbon or wire depending on your choice).
  • Delivery, installation, takedown and packing.