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Color Scheme

Who says Christmas trees have to be red and green?  This fresh, unique tree features a unique color palette of soft blues and lime greens brings to mind winter flowers peeping through the snow. The feeling is modern, yet calming.

Pair this Look with our modern silver-finish centerpieces and off-the-tree decor for a style that’s uniquely yours.

Standard tree package install includes:

  • 200 ornaments: glass European handcrafted ornaments, decorative handmade hanging ornaments, tree garlands, and a tree topper.
  • Full 8 ft. tree with natural decorations (cones, and/or berries), warm white LEDs and pole raiser.
  • Tree skirt.
  • European plastic bins for long-term storage and gift boxes.
  • Ornament hanging supplies (ribbon or wire depending on your choice)
  • Delivery, installation, takedown and packing

Shippable package includes:

  • All items available in the standard package, minus installation and takedown.
  • Shipping to your address.