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Color Scheme

A luxurious tree that’s fresh and serene, the Look captures the magic of Christmas. It features elegant, bead-decorated silver and gold ornaments paired with smoky anthracite ornaments with delicate dabbled patterns.

Made with blown glass European Heritage ornaments, your tree comes with a Provenance Certificate certifying its heritage. This tree is truly a show-stopper.

Standard tree package install includes:

  • 200 ornaments: glass European handcrafted ornaments, decorative handmade hanging ornaments, tree garlands, and a tree topper.
  • Full 8 ft. tree with natural decorations (cones, and/or berries), warm white LEDs and pole raiser.
  • Tree skirt.
  • European plastic bins for long-term storage and gift boxes.
  • Ornament hanging supplies (ribbon or wire depending on your choice)
  • Delivery, installation, takedown and packing

Shippable package includes:

  • All items available in the standard package, minus installation and takedown.
  • Shipping to your address.